About Indexing Specialists

Indexing Specialists exists to be a link between publishers or authors, and indexers, finding the right indexer for your book.  The indexers are  all graduates with individual specialisms ranging across the humanities/sciences spectrum. We were all trained at Indexing Specialists (see History below)  and have all been indexing for more than ten years. Our backgrounds and experience enable us to tackle any topic area and any type of publication, working as individuals on smaller books and in teams on larger projects such as encyclopedias.

Generally working as independent freelancers, we can also operate through Indexing Specialists to simplify team working. With Indexing Specialists taking care of invoices and payments the publisher has only one port of call.

Milla Hills, the Managing Director is a freelance indexer who also runs Indexing Specialists, supporting the other indexers and liaising with publishers. For larger indexes with more than one indexer she coordinates the work and manages the projects.


Indexing Specialists was founded by Richard Raper in 1965, one of the first indexers in the country to use a computer and specialist software to sort the index terms.

He rented offices in Church Road, Hove and began to employ other indexers who could work alone or as a team on larger indexes. The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy index created in 1996 was the work of about 14 indexers while new recruits were brought in to cope with the normal day to day work. (Milla Hills was one of those new indexers). The original “sole trader” company was incorporated in the same year, to become Indexing Specialists (UK) Ltd.

Richard Raper

The company prided itself on the training given to new indexers, who were mentored by the more experienced staff. Quality control was an important part of the company’s ethos, and we went through a QA accreditation process.

After two moves, and the death of  Richard Raper in 2009, George Curzon became the Managing Director. Changes in the publishing industry meant there was less work for indexers, particularly in indexing journals, which had been a significant part of our work.

George Curzon giving advice to an indexer

In 2016 the lease of the offices in Portland Road, Hove, was coming to an end, and George was well past retirement age. The number of indexers was now much reduced from its maximum in the 1990s. We made the decision to all become independent freelancers working from home. Milla Hills took over as Managing Director of the company, in order to maintain the links to publishers who had dealt with us for many years. She also continues as a freelance indexer herself.

The team in 2014