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Contacting us

You are welcome to ring and talk to us about your particular requirements or with any questions you may have. When you are ready to commission work, phone or email us with as much of the following information as possible:

·     Title of publication & subject matter

·     Number of pages

·     Arrival date and deadline

·     Budget available

·     Space available for index

·     Format required (e.g. MS Word RTF)

·     Style requirements (a brief or sample index)



Advance warning of an indexing project helps us with planning. We can often respond to urgent requests or tight deadlines, and rescue indexes that have been started by someone else.



It is important that the pagination is finalised, since any late changes to the text that affect the page numbers may increase costs. However, if required, we can index books at an earlier proof stage using paragraph numbers for the printer to translate into page numbers, or for use with online publications. Embedded indexes are also possible


Receiving proofs

We can accept hard copy by post, or PDF files emailed or downloaded from an FTP site.


Contact us:





+44 (0)1273 930913


Commissioning work