Making contact

Please email Milla Hills

You are welcome to contact us at any time about your particular requirements or with any questions you may have. It is useful to have prior notice of an project. However we can also take on work at short notice.

To commission the work email with as much of the following information as possible:

·     Title of publication & subject matter

·     Number of pages

·     Arrival date and deadline

·     Budget available

·     Space available for index

·     Style requirements (a brief or sample index, any special requirements)

Milla will contact the indexers and see who would like to take on the project. She will send you the indexer’s email address, and you can then contact the indexer directly to arrange sending the proofs. The contract is made with the individual freelance indexer, who will invoice once the index is delivered. For large projects interim invoices may be necessary.

Alternatively for larger works with short time scales, where several indexers are required, Indexing Specialists can organise the indexers and invoice for the work. The contract is then with Indexing Specialists (UK) Ltd.